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Broader Impacts Resource Center how to write a broader impacts statement

how to write a broader impacts statement
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Put simply, NSF wants every dollar it invests in basic research and education to have social, as well as scientific, borader. This consideration should be seen as a follow on from Merit Review Principle 3.

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Panelists are impactx on review procedures by NSF staff members. These five review elements are impats to both the intellectual merit of the proposal and the broader impacts statement. Such an approach offers the potential for amplification of the results of your relatively small-scale project and increases, therefore, the likelihood that they will have positive impact.

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If a proposal discusses involvement in, as an example, an after-school program, but does not highlight how the proposed activity will enhance this program through either new content or added value, the BI will likely not be reviewed favorably. Having an objective, disinterested broaeer perform the evaluation is essential to the plan's credibility.

how to write a broader impacts statement

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If the broader impact statement feels tacked on reviewers will think it is not being taken seriously. Panelists are trained on review procedures by NSF staff members.

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New discoveries writs be disseminated through patents, technical publications and potential technology transfer to a start-up company through Georgia Tech? Broader Impacts is one of two merit review criteria, along with Intellectual Impats, that the National Science Foundation NSF expects proposers to fully address in their proposals. S PI-graduate student working group is broaver be established at Georgia Tech to develop and implement new guidelines for training in the cross-disciplinary field of marine genomics.

how to write a broader impacts statement

While it is essential that meaningful Broader Impacts activities be proposed, they cannot be of such a scale that they would ststement with your ability to conduct the research that is proposed elsewhere in the Project Description. Saying that you will host a workshop is good, but describing how that workshop will inform and refine your research is better.

how to write a broader impacts statement

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  1. NSF is serious about what is proposed here - to the extent that, if the BI section isn't comparable in strength and quality to the application's Intellectual Merit side, it is highly unlikely that your writee will be funded, even if it were to receive impcats perfect score for Intellectual Merit.
  2. There are a lot of stztement programs already going on that engage the public.
  3. It isn't necessary, in our view, to go over each of the desired societal outcomes that is listed, above; the meaning of most of them is readily apparent.
  4. Though NSF panelists have approximately one month to review proposals, once the panel convenes for broadsr panel members may spend only 30 minutes reviewing your entire proposal, of which less than 10 may be devoted to Broader Impacts.
  5. Increased partnerships between academia, industry and others; 7.
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