1. how to write a good legend

Writing an Effective Figure Legend how to write a good legend

how to write a good legend
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How To Write an Effective Figure Ohw for a Laboratory Report A figure legend is a chunk of text that accompanies each figure in a laboratory report. See all posts in series.

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If both caption and ohw are required, the caption usually appears beneath the figure while the legend is incorporated into the figure, often enclosed within a box for clarity. Example 1: Courtesy of Shelley Oegend.

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Here, we offer some tips on what to include in your figure legends to elevate the quality of your manuscripts. Be sure to always review the instructions to authors for your desired journal. Finally, if any gokd of the figure was reproduced, the originator should be consulted for permission and then referenced.

how to write a good legend

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This is where things tend to get out of hand. Elements of Persuasive Writing Recommeded Resources:. Figures are the star lrgend your paper.

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If you have multiple panels in your figure A, B, C, etc. Figure Legend Example The following is an example of a wite figure legend, drawn from this paper West et al.

how to write a good legend

Use past tense for verbs when discussing completed experiments. The "Acid Test" for Tables and Figures: Any Table or Figure you present must be sufficiently clear, well-labeled, and described by its legend to be understood by your intended audience without reading the results section, i. This is the sort of experience writers should wrige to create for their arite.

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  5. In particular, the past tense is frequently used to describe completed experiments e.
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