1. how to write a results section

How to Write the Results Section of a Research Paper how to write a results section

how to write a results section
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Read more information on how to write a results section in APA format. Table One shows that almost a quarter of…. Not all results that emerge from the methodology used to gather information may be sedtion to answering the " So What?

how to write a results section apa

It follows the presentation of the Methods and Materials and is presented before the Discussion section—although the Results and Discussion are presented together in many journals. However, spending time in the results section describing tangential findings clutters your overall results section. The scientific format may seem confusing for the beginning wrie writer due to its rigid structure which is so different from writing in the humanities.

how to write a results section apa research paper

If you have presented data in a figure, do not present it again in resuots table. The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4. Seciton : The function of the Results section is to objectively present your key resultswithout interpretation, in an orderly and logical sequence using both text and illustrative materials Tables and Figures.

how to write a results section

how to write a results section psychology

Driscoll, Dana Lynn and Aleksandra Kasztalska. Function : Your reuslts should begin with a Title that succinctly describes the contents of the paper.

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Take x with you wherever you erite. If you did not get the anticipated results, it may mean your hypothesis was incorrect and needs to be reformulated, or perhaps you have stumbled onto something unexpected that warrants further study.

how to write a results section

In genetics studies include the strains or genetic stocks used. A good rule is to always re-read the background section of your paper after you have written up your results to ensure that the reader has enough context to understand the results [and, later, how you x the results in ro discussion section now your paper].

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Then set about revising or adding words to make it all cohesive and clear.
  1. Acknowledgments optional.
  2. Instead of using only descriptive text for your scholarly article, consider other visual ways and representations that improve writs academic writing of your research paper.
  3. This project has received funding hoow the European Union's Horizon research and innovation programme under grant agreement No
  4. Presenting data in this way makes it easier for readers to quickly look at your results.
  5. Organize the information to present the more general aspects of the topic early in the Q, then narrow toward the more specific topical secgion that provides context, finally arriving at your statement of purpose and rationale.
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